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iheartmusic, Female, 32, USA, Milwaukee 8-12-2008

She drives me crazy.

Two summers ago I met this girl at a party. She drove me insane. She was dirty and loud and whiney and screechy. I avoided her as much as possibly any time after that. In highschool we had classes together and i grew to like her. She just grew on me and she wasnt that bad. This previous summer we hung out a lot and told eachother everything. And she Read more...

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iheartmusic, Female, 32, USA, Milwaukee 8-12-2008


Over the summer a friend and I made a fake myspace. We used a picture of a guy we don't know and created his profile to be this typical skater kid. We had the intentions to add some people we didn't like and view their pages their secrets and maybe even mess with them a bit. Because the picture we picked for the myspace was goodlooking a lot of random people we didnt know add "him" Read more...

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Dreamer, Female, 35, United Kingdom, London 7-12-2008


When ever someone in my class speak out and commands attention I immediately begin to hate them. I feel like they are showing off and are nothing but attention seekers. Its probably because I am too scared to do what they do out of fear that when I speak I will be ignored. Read more...

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ginam12, Female, 56, USA, Bettendorf 19-11-2008


I worked for an Attorney for the past six years. About three years ago I started getting in to some financial problems. Lost my house my husband's vehicle couldn't pay utilities etc. I figured out a way to take money from my bosses trust account at work. I only did this when I was in desperate need. Anyway about three months ago my boss found out and I was let go. Read more...

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1baddad, Male, 63, USA, Sebastopol 13-11-2008

Lustfull Heart

I am having feelings of lust for my stepson who is 29 now. I feel angry because I have them and do not treat him good. I feel guilty for having these thoughts. I cannot even look him in the eyes when he comes arould and that is quite often. Read more...

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phoenix, Female, 40, Canada, London 13-11-2008

I Still Hold It Against Him

Three years ago my fiancee and I broke up. I found out that he was with another woman while he was with me and he broke up with me to be with yet another woman. Although he realized that I was the one he wanted and after allot of work we finally got back together and now we have one child and another on the way I still find myself blaming him and holding it against him. I know for Read more...

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Shifu, Female, 32, Canada, winnipeg 13-11-2008


I hate aboriginals. I am over exposed. An aboriginal girl threatened to send the crips after me to get me killed. She got off scot free just because she faked some tears in front of the vice principal. I know that had I pulled the same stunt I would have gotten suspended or expelled. A part of me thinks that because she is aboriginal that she can get away with MUCH more then I can. I Read more...

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monstagirl, Female, 49, USA, yanoway 12-11-2008

sex lies n secrets

i have been with my husband since high school..pregnant shortly after we met...i was a messed up girl who wanted to escape being that little girl that everyone took advantage of. My husband tried to do right by me..but i cheated..and everytime i got more bold..first it was kissing..then fondling...i finally took the leap to having sex when i went out of town on a business trip. I really liked this man n he said what i wanted to Read more...

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