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kanga999, Male, 32, Philippines, bacolod 11-11-2008

i want to repent from masturbation

it hurts to me... im so addicted and i want to break free. i dont really know if it is a mortal sin because everybody says "its normal" or "everybody's doing it". i have been doing so much. i asked God's forgiveness for too many times. i even wore a scapular. but i cant stop. im 13 and want to go back to my normal life. i love God so much and i dont want to disobey Him. help Read more...

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Selfdestruct, Female, 41, United Kingdom, london 8-11-2008


I have been unfaithful to my husband. He is the kindest person I have ever met and yet I have betrayed his trust. I know I should have but I did. I wish I could say I would never do it again but I have this huge need for men to desire me. I seek it. I love it. I don't know what to do. Read more...

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mat1975, Male, 47, India, calcutta 6-11-2008

lieing to our pastor

oh LORD i am sorry and beg to you for forgiveness i marriade a divoice lady but when i went to our pastor to arrange our marriage i lied to him saying she is unmarriade i lied to you oh LORD and have broken your holy sacrament please LORD have mercy on me and my family you are a loving father who has forgiven his childrens no matter how big the sin is......LORD my family is going through a very Read more...

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mat1975, Male, 47, India, calcutta 6-11-2008

i cheated on my wife and myself

my greatest weakness or u can say sin is my lust whenever i see a female even sometime my family member i get dirty thoughts in my mind which i know is a big sin i had plenty of affairs with different marriade ladies back in my hometown and came across a marriade lady where i work and stay now i am out of my hometown for job purpose .I had shared everything with her and few years Read more...

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2233, Male, 43, India, New Delhi 5-11-2008

I Cheated

I was getting involved with this girl and was about to get into a relationship when at the last minuted I decided to have relationship with the other one. This broke her heart because she was coming out of a disastrous break up. At that time I thought it was the best thing to do as she was very vulnerable. However later on the girl I started seeing dumped me only in 3 months. Whatmore I started Read more...

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fish15, Male, 50, USA, Milwaukee 5-11-2008

I am evil

I met an old friend of mine and we had sex. This is not the woman I love in any shape or form. I feel so horrid. I know that telling the woman I love will hurt her immensely and I know it was wrong. I have been given so much and I gave into a moment of stupidity. I feel I have basically signed my own death sentence of life. I should not have done the Read more...

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taku, Female, 32, United Kingdom, surrey 4-11-2008

trying to 4get

it been a while since i saw that man i was having a affair with but i cant help thinking about him i keep on dreaming of him his sent his smile of how he touches me and kisses me i want to feel him inside me. but i know thats not going to happen for a while so i should try to forget him. i still cry because of it even though it was just for a Read more...

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harmony021992, Female, 39, Australia, townsville 31-10-2008

May God Forgive Me

before i found God i did awful things for which i am truely sorry: I have had 3 abortions I have commited adultry I have stolen my God forgive a stupid women Read more...

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