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azrg08, Male, 41, USA, Phoenix 16-10-2008

Too close for comfort

About six months ago I became friends with a girl I work with who was married to an abusive husband. I too was going through marital problems at the time. We became close friends and she eventually divorced the guy which is great he was psychotic and very abusive . During that time we became very close like "emotional lovers" essentially. We both fell in love with each other Read more...

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stupdmist8k, Male, 41, USA, scranton 14-10-2008


Months ago i cheated on my girlfriend who is the most wonderful and amazing person ever. I was away from home lonely and stupid and now its killing me. I love her with all my heart and cant believe i could ever do something so stupid. Please let her forgive me. Read more...

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honest1973, Female, 49, USA, Cornwall 14-10-2008


Dear Father please here my prayer Forgive me father for I have sinned. Since I was young I saw the truth in my dreams and in my vissions and my instincts. I lived a hard life and had to use my all for survival. I misued my own power of knowledge not believing in me and useing truth for what in energy I used for survival. To work to be energized or amped to Read more...

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ddg35685, Male, 49, USA, spokane 5-10-2008

wearing pantyhose

i secretely wear pantyhose when my wife is not around. i left town for 3 days for a training and packed up a skirt heels blouse bra and a few pair of pantyhose to wear and put in my bra. i left in the evening and stopped down the street to change into my female atire. after a few hours of driving i needed gas so i pulled off into a small town to Read more...

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valerie, Female, 57, USA, raleigh 23-9-2008

Torn between the man i love and the man I married

My confession is that i marreid a man out of lonliness and not wantimg to live in sin by contuining to commit fornication....but my heart and head seem to be in love with another...i have not had a indept relationship with ths other person ....It was more like love at first sight....but I can't seem to shake him from my heart and thoughts....I ask for forgiveness for feeling this way but I can't help how I feel... the Read more...

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Marlee, Female, 31, Australia, Sydney 10-9-2008

Everyone deserves a second chance

I am 18 years old and i was really close friends with this guy tat i go to skool with. like we were extremely close you could say we r bestfrends or were i really don't know anymore. we were always together juse like bestfriends would be. then we started liking each other and one night at a party we hooked up. that night he was kinda being obsessive n that is one thing i don't like about guys. Read more...

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yogibear, Female, 57, Canada, Newmarket 10-9-2008


I really like this guy but i dont think he likes me back. He always flirts with me and stuff but he doesn't want to get twith me cause of the distance.....what do I do? should I get really close to him or pull away I am really starting to like him. Read more...

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deepthroat69, Male, 37, United Kingdom, Portsmouth 20-8-2008


Hi i am a 23 yr old guy since i can remember i hav liked to dress in womens clothing started off goin into my sisters rooms wen they were out wen i was young n tryin there clothes on i hav come a bit further now i now hav almost a full wardrobe of womens clothin from bras n thongs to dresses. my family hav no idea my fav outfit is my Read more...

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