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RowdyNYoung, Male, 42, USA, RayCity 18-8-2008

This is tough to swallow.

I'm still in a relationship with my mom but it's not so great these days. I regret the day I turned her on to drugs. Drugs have taken hold of both of us and it sucks. I love her soo much and I can't keep her drugs hell I can't even supply myself and its hard to watch her go back in the dealers room knowing what she has to do for us. I've even had to do Read more...

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Caliman, Male, 57, USA, umm 10-7-2008

I saw my sister through the window

I have always been attracted to my sister for as long as I can imaging. Even when we ewere children there was something about her that made me want to be around her as much as I could. She is now in her late 30' and I am in my mid 40's. A year ag or so we were both at our moms home for a long weekend or some occasion. That same feeling Read more...

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iamabadsinner, Male, 32, Canada, Vancouver 23-4-2008

I stole

I stole some candies from a Seven Eleven near my school. I did it because no body seemed to care at the time but Now I'm noticing I stole many things in my past life and it's not like I "deserve" to steal. I feel very guilty about all the things I stole including bikes games money food many things. I am Very sorry god To whoever reading this: Don't steal because Karma will Read more...

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StillBreathing, Female, 99, Canada, Sudbury 20-4-2008

Tylonel 4

My father had a surgery and got I stole his pain meds. So for the last 3 weeks I've been using his pills to get to sleep at night because they make me tired and I don't have nightmares. I've also used them to make myself sick so I don't have to go to school. Or when I'm at school to make everything feel numb and unreal. I'm addicted and I only have 6 tablets left. Read more...

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Dr, Female, 54, United Kingdom, London 19-4-2008


I'm really angry with my partner who doesn't seem to want to understand me at all. I give him every chance to know and he makes me feel like shit every time. Even about the simplest things we are so NOT SYMPATICO that sometimes I think it must surely be over. Read more...

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mangang, Male, 37, India, imphal 19-4-2008

failed to keep a relation

It was a pleasant afternoon when I saw her for the first time...she looked so cute...she look like exactly my dream girl...we are the foreign student here...and she came from near my house...she is younger than our tradition I call her sister...and I have to as I am her senior...but my love for her grew stronger and stronger day by day...later on I told her...that I love her since I saw her...she was she have already took me Read more...

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louis1234, Male, 93, Bulgaria, San Benito 16-4-2008


I kinda have an obsession with boobs. All day i dream about boobs. I just wish i could put my face into them and rub my face all up in them. i wish i had a nipple in my face all day and all night. If i could i would grow my own but i cant do that cause it would look pretty weird. well yeah if your reading this and uh you have big boobS GIVE ME YO NUMBA Read more...

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starlight, Female, 43, Australia, canberra 21-3-2008


WOW! where do i start... in many peoples eyes i dnt think my 'sins' are as bad and maybe they are really small.. and altho im in therapy and ive forgiven myself... its still important for me to confess and lessen the load on my mind and heart. Ive lied a lot to my parents friends family and people who mean meant a lot to me... ive lost a lot of friends but ive recently made Read more...

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