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jaimevegas, Female, 33, New Zealand, Somewhere 21-3-2008


I can't even begin to explain my problem. I'm not exactly making a confession not in the religious sense anyway as I don't believe there is a God. But a few years ago I found out my dad was doing something he shouldn't do. I worry every minute of every day he will go to jail and I don't trust the internet to actually admit to what he does Read more...

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abcdefg, Female, 33, USA, bob 9-3-2008

I really

love him. when i'm not with him i don't know what to do with myself. and I don't think he sees it. but hes my best friend. and is always there for me... ...I hope he knows how much i love him and how much i cannot live without him. I have never felt like this about anyone... ...I feel like i'm in some old french love movie. man i love you! and hope you know that Read more...

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itaske, Female, 35, USA, Darien 5-3-2008

3 confessions =[

1 I don't know why but basically all my life I have made up all these lies about my family and my past some times i even wish that my sister or my mother would die just so i could cry and get attention for it the funny part is that I despise attention and hate when people try to comfort me when I am upset. Most of the time i just wish everybody would disappear; being alone Read more...

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funfunfun, Male, 49, United Kingdom, cambridge 1-3-2008


i'm in a relationship with a great woman and we have a child together but all i can do is think about being with other women and recently i want to be with this one woman so much i want to leave my gf and be with this new woman Read more...

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WorstPersonEver, Female, 47, USA, San Antonio 28-2-2008

I gave someone horrible advice and assisted them in runing their lives.

I gave a friend awful advice. I told her that she could get away with something unethical but it backfired and now she blames me. I feel terrible because I gave her the idea and encouraged her behaviour. I know in my heart she would have never done it without my encouragement. She trusts me so much. I have had the worst month of my life. The day before I gave her this advice I lost my mother Read more...

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danon84, Male, 39, USA, Phoenix 28-2-2008

Auction Sites

When I was 17 6 years ago I scammed about 35 people on various auction sites out of money by selling them high price electronics but not sending the products after I received payment..Over the course of a year I ended up with about 8 grand and a conviction of "Attempted Theft" an undesignated felony. Read more...

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boozer, Male, 35, Australia, melbourne 26-2-2008


I dirnk everyday and the doctor says i should stop but i love it so much so fuk him and his bullshit "medical facts" Read more...

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lilmisschaos, Female, 32, USA, Iowa 25-2-2008

I'm afraid

I have so many confessions. They would all make senses to no one. They don't even make sense to me. They would contradict each other. But I want to write them. But I'm afraid of no one believing me or thinking I'm a liar. Yes total strangers even! I should'nt care so much but I do. I feel so alone... Read more...

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