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pokeymokey, Female, 54, USA, chicago 25-2-2008

Retailiation for Smothering Me!

In 3 weeks I leave to go have an affair with a former lover. Over the last few months I have felt driven to do this. I never get a moment alone without some commentary about how you feel isolated. In two years I have only been "permitted" to attend 3 or 4 events without you including hair appointments. This has been stressful. I have worn a game face and toiled on. Patiently waiting for you to concede that Read more...

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SophmoreSlump, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 24-2-2008


I think I am the cause of my ex best friends depression. Well not the main cause but I'm sure I have a lot to do with it. The worst part is we aren't even friends anymore so I can't even help her even though I want to more than life itself. All I want to do is hug her and comfort her but I don't think its my place anymore. I hope that eventually she can pull Read more...

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chewyuuu, Female, 33, USA, Stockton 23-2-2008

too much lies...

I don't want to lie to the ones that I love anymore. I hate making up stories so that people are more interested in my life. I am tired if telling lies and I KNOW it is wrong. But I am scared that everyone would just leave me if they know the truth. So I want to apologize to my family and friends and the guy I am secretly in love with that I lie to you all in Read more...

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laninya, Female, 36, United Kingdom, la la land 19-2-2008


I'm a 21 f I live wit my bf and have 2 kids just thought I shoul let ya no b4 I go on any ways I have allways checked out other girls but ever since I was in my teens didn't no y so 2 years ago iposted my# on my profile and started to get naked pix of other girls I liked wat I saw especially the BOOTY pix got excited and started to exchange nude fotos of Read more...

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DME, Female, 33, USA, portland 18-2-2008

I want a child...he doesnt know.

I'm 19..newly married...and I want a child. He says he wants to wait a few years..I'm not willing to. Three months ago I started to pretend to take my birth control. taking it in the middle of the night supposedly because of the side effects that bugged me so much..oh but thats all a lie. I'm not taking it. I know if he ever found out he'd leave me..because I lie this big cant be forgiven..but then I feel Read more...

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gfdghdfghdfhgdfhdfhdfhdgfhgfhgf, Female, 99, Australia, gdsgdfsgghdf 14-2-2008

I'm sorry

I looked at a bad website today and I feel awful please forgive me Read more...

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forgiveme, Male, 42, India, Bombay 12-2-2008

For Give Me For being a horrible person

FORGIVE ME FOR BEING A HORRIBLE HUMANBEING God I don’t know what you think about me but I am quite sure what I am. I don’t remember I have ever done a good thing to anybody I don’t remember I have ever done a thing which is sin free. What a fool I was believe me I didn’t know that those things are going to give me this much pain and sufferings. You must be knowing Read more...

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omgcrazy, Male, 35, USA, Seattle, WA 11-2-2008


Ive wanted to say this for years...but i never wanted to be teased about having my first kiss with a girl that was practically. So this girl Ive known since the third grade invited me over to her house. We had a good time and stuff...but then it got a bit later into the night. We went over to lot next door with a half built building on it...we had a lil kid theyve been watchin with us...we ditched him Read more...

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