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itooam1, Male, 54, Canada, burnaby 10-2-2008

Why oh why

I am an ASSHOLE to those i love and dont know why. Read more...

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strangeone, Male, 46, USA, 98302 9-2-2008

iam going to burn in hell for this

iam a shy female and i lust after men i cant have i changed my gender identy to remain annomous but i just had to say ive lied ive cheated and i stold stuff and i almost slept with a married man i have hurt people with lies and i have done alot of bad stuff even stuff i wont mention Read more...

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LOSTSOUL, Male, 33, USA, Austin 9-2-2008

Burnt Hands

I was bored at school so i skip 5th period to set the dry wood at the back of school on fire....I don't know why I did it but I just stare at the patch of dry grass slowly caught flame and catch on to the near by trees. I later call 911...No one know i did it yet. I;m sorry but I dont know why come i;m so angry all the time. Read more...

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jziegfield, Male, 63, USA, Atlanta 8-2-2008


My sister was letting me look at her ass today her boyfriend was there and he doesn't suspect anything. She teases me all the time and I am ready to really go for it with her. I am sure she wants to do it with me but she always goes cold as soon as I make a move towards her. Read more...

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abcdefg, Female, 32, USA, bob 8-2-2008

Ahh I dont think my bf loves me

I really dont. And I feel bad for thinking this but its true. he tells me he loves me but i cant help my self from thinking he doesnt Read more...

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thelostone69, Male, 53, USA, Cincinnati 7-2-2008

Sad / Lonely / Depressed

i really hate myself and everything about me. i hate being black and wish i was born of a different color race. i am bipolar paranoid schizphrenic ptsd and etc... i try to work but it is hard to do at time. i feel as if i am taking up space on earth and should go ahead and end my life. no one would care if i was dead and gone... i have been Read more...

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January87, Female, 53, USA, Louisville 7-2-2008

I'm done

even though i'm only 38 i think that i have accomplished all that i will ever do. i don't feel like i'll ever live up to my true potential because of bad decisions i have made and cannot ever change. Read more...

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xELA712, Female, 32, USA, Mililani 7-2-2008

There's this boy ok..

I'm sure he likes me & I kind of like him too but I think he's ashamed to tell people he's into me. I'm not ugly but I'm not the most gorgeous girl in school either. I'm not a loner but I'm definitely not super duperly popular either. He's good looking & popular. It's like in A Cinderella Story. Idk. If it doesn't work out I won't be crushed I had a feeling Read more...

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