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laurenxo, Female, 32, USA, Cincinnati 6-2-2008


I need help before I go crazy in my own body. Why is it betraying me like this? My own body attacks itself. It attacks my mind floods my thoughts breaks my confidence. These panic attacks you give yourself body hurt not only my social life but my mental physical health. It's ruining me. THIS MEDICATION ISN'T WORKING. I need help. Oh how badly I need help I need to free my body from the Read more...

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littlemissgaara, Female, 34, USA, Las Angals 2-2-2008

He don't luv me

I am in love with a guy and I realy love him alot but so far he has shone no sines of felling any afettion twords him he is a friend of my friend and hes going to a party on the 8th and I'm going to tell him how I feel. If he doesn't love me then I will find someone elce but no one like him Read more...

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stressful1, Male, 58, USA, Martinsburg, WV 31-1-2008


I am almost 44 years of age. I met my wife at the age of 15. We fell in love at first site. We dated for 7 years planned our life and did it. We had our first son after the first 4 years of marrage and a second son after the next 4 years. I started work with a very successful company 5 month before my wedding. I met a very beautiful woman that worked for that company Read more...

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RABBITRICKY, Female, 52, USA, MESA 30-1-2008

miaa my old life

my friend emailed me one of those stupid emails that had all these stupid questions. one question was if you could pick one place youd like to be right now where would it be: i said the past thats kinda sad. i hate my life and have for the past 6 years so the past is where i want to be. not an island not europe the past. sad Read more...

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KX155, Female, 42, Australia, Melbourne 28-1-2008


This is to you because I know you're out there somewhere. Do I think too much?Do I give you more credit than you deserve? Really your memory was too short. Youve inspired me to say the least. All the angst you've given me has turned out for great writing. I cant hope that you're reading this that you'd recognise me if you were....That you'd understand or care. But for what its worth Im Read more...

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daydreamer, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 18-1-2008

i lie ..

i lie to people not big huge lies liek life changing lies but little ones to make me seem smarter to cooler ot whatever but i mean every little lie i tell starts to build up and then they become huge lies i'm not sure wht i do it .. i lie to people i really care about too but just strangers. Read more...

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randomdude789, Male, 35, USA, boston 29-12-2007

help me! please

Well there is a female and we agreed on "hooking up" but now I kind of don't want to go through with it anymore. I don't really have a reason there is something holding me back and I don't know what it is. if anyone can give me advice I will greatly appreciate it. thank you. Read more...

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wicked, Female, 33, United Kingdom, London 26-11-2007


I put on a smiling face for many people including my parents. I treat them like I love them obey them talk with them. In reality I am an avenger for all the mistreatment put upon myself. For years I have manipulated them and pulled their marraige and lives apart dragging them into the pits of depression and suicidal anxiety with me. I wont pretend to be clever manipulation seems second hand to Read more...

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