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lungsofsteel, Female, 33, USA, Detroit 25-11-2007


I did a lot of cocaine laat night. And I liked it. Read more...

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20jlo07, Female, 42, Ireland, leeds 25-11-2007

wat makes me happy

nothing the only time i am happy is wen i am sad x Read more...

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Rockstar09, Male, 35, USA, Menomonee Falls 25-11-2007

Compulsive Lying

I feel as if I tell little white lies that eventually catch up with me and feel that I cannot stop. I want to so dearly but it seems incredibly difficult for me to do so. Lord please help me to regain control of my mind and body. I also want to stop my promiscuous and sinful activity and concentrate on the one person I love dearly. She does not yet know my feelings and want her to Read more...

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db, Male, 38, USA, New York 19-11-2007

I'm just a pussy after its all done

I go all day at wokr talking with know one. when work is done I am relived. But its not like I have anything to do. I just go home and read or watch tv. I don't have anyfriends to hangout with. I need help. I try ot focus on the things I need to do. But usually get anything really acomplished. First of all I get paid to do no work at Read more...

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trixie, Female, 32, USA, hesperia 16-11-2007


Confused A ramble of sweet nothings late into the darkness secrets of the untold confessed like sins love of the other growing stronger for one another. Sad endings professed and promised never more. Broken promises shattered hearts exploding confusion of the purpose of our souls curiosity killed the cat anger killed the lover hatred ruined the life judgment passed the sentence forever in hell I’m held proudly I’ve fell only to make Read more...

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erzengel34, Male, 32, USA, sidney 15-11-2007

i lied

every confession i have made on this site has been to scare the shit out of my parents. they know i do these things on other sites and i thought i would give them something to freak out about.the only thing is that the deal with the condom in the car was my cousin and not me. i thouth they would realize it but they really thought it was me. Read more...

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davies44, Female, 47, USA, charlotte 15-11-2007

everything escalated out of control

i don't know what i was thinking. i have felt trapped and have been so unhappy in this new city and i have been taking out on my husband. he is very busy at work and i have been feeling completely left out. last night i accused him of cheating signs are there but i can't differentiate how valid they are and he tried to grab my arms. i got out Read more...

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DeadlySinner17, Male, 32, USA, Portland 15-11-2007


For the past 3 months or so almost every weekend I have gotten high off weed with my two best friends and dont know what to do. I promised God I wouldnt smoke anymore during High School but i dont think i can. So im going to pray saying that I cant keep that promise. I feel fine and get gread grades. But I like to have an occasional puff of weed. Im sorry God. Please forgive me. Read more...

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