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dima, Female, 32, Other Asian countries, tripoli 10-11-2007

scared chitless

i am sooo scared my heart is beating fast i have a math exam and the guy that i liked moved 2 another country i have no idea what im feeling im not only scared im sad i hate everything i feel guilty for i dont know what reason i feel like im a looser my parents want me 2 be a pharmacist ever since i was a little kid they use 2 tell Read more...

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dima, Female, 32, Other Asian countries, tripoli 10-11-2007


im in love with a complete stranger! how the hell is this possible? im such an idiot how could be sad becaus i complete stranger moved 2 another country he liked me i liked him that was normal but i never talked 2 him we're both the distant type and b4 anything could happen he moved! and i feel heart broken and sad maybe it isnt love i have no idea what love is! what the Read more...

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Cooldude, Female, 33, United Kingdom, Preston 10-11-2007

I am sorry.

I am sorry for saying to my friend Helan that I wish she could walk when I had to put something in her bag for her because she can't walk. I am sorry for looking at something that was none of my business. I am sorry for kicking Ryan Read more...

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ravenzz, Female, 46, USA, east tennessee 9-11-2007

my rants

it amazes me how much alike each and every one of us can be. We all have our secrets and we all feel soo alone in the world. No matter how much human interaction we each have in our daily friends or even the random stranger we each still hunger to reach out to each other. We each are ashamed about some mistake we may have made and the thing is...everyone makes Read more...

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Larva, Female, 32, USA, liverpool 4-11-2007


im so angry i wanna die please someone kill me!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO LIVE! Read more...

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novamus, Male, 33, Romania, bucuresti 1-11-2007


i have stealed runed away from home but i returned back i've made love without mariage Read more...

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kittyahger, Female, 31, Other South American countries, dover 29-10-2007


I knew this boy from friendster . and we chat online in msn for 4 mths aldy . during the 2 mth i den know i falling in love with him . I really cnt live without him and i cried a few times when listening some songs. = We haven meet up yet cause im always the one delaying it. im so scared to see him. properly shy ? sigh . I leave him a offline msg and Read more...

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anom, Male, 32, United Kingdom, london 26-10-2007


i lie to others about myself in order to make myself seem more interesting. Not only are these lies getting bigger and more extreme but the worst thing is im actually starting to beleive some of them are true. I think i have a problem but can't admit to my parents that i need help. Maybe i deserve this. Read more...

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