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hairspray, Female, 32, USA, cicero 17-6-2009

dad do you love me?

dad do you hate me because im a female? it's not fair with all the stuff my 18 year old brother did like stealing money and getting locked up in jail you still treat him like nothing happend. and why do you always blame me for evrything why dont you care about me when im hurt or sad you dont even remember when is my b day or how old i am! when i ask u for money you never Read more...

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sreevasan05, Male, 47, India, Coimbatore 12-6-2009

Mistake made

Dear god Last night I was so furious with the result of certain words said by my wife so I slapped her twice. She is a weak person hence she cried a lot of pain and cursed me. We have no kids. I mentally very much worried and stressed about my action. I didn't want to torcher her. She is a very sensitive person so she gets angry and shouts whenever and Read more...

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Justaguy, Male, 71, United Kingdom, Glasgow 9-6-2009


I am 57 years old and I have a 35 year old Chinnese lover. She is beautiful she loves me more than anyone has ever loved me before. We are perfect lovers we enjoy the same things while making love. She is sensual passionate and very caring. I wish we had met years ago. Read more...

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personuk, Male, 43, United Kingdom, LONDON 9-6-2009

Im a cheat

I have slept with about 200 women and I'm 30 yrs old. What you think about that then? LOL Read more...

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Gandalf117, Male, 32, United Kingdom, middlesbrough 8-6-2009

Cancer,Alcohol,Losing the one i love to a county

Hello i am 16 years of age to be 17 in 12 days i currently have a sister who was diagnosed with leukemia cancer of the blood who is 14 years old and am trying so hard to keep strong for her and my family. But i am finding it so hard to keep it all together when she is in and out of hospital all the time. My family do notice me Read more...

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Youdonotknowme16, Female, 32, USA, Fitchburg 7-6-2009

My life confession

ok Im not sure if I should confession on here I do not feel a confession site the confessors should be using vulgar language but W e Who's gonna care i believe in Gay marriage 100% and Abortion within Reason if a woman gets raped she may get an abortion and divorce. I'm not too religious in fact religious people have mistreated me so I cannot trust much. I saw children and Read more...

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jessy444, Female, 32, USA, Fort Lauderdale 6-6-2009

Just.. Me

I'm a liar.I am such a good liar. I talk about others behind their backs I gossip and I meddle. I am so lazy! I would rather hit snooze then wake up with the sunrise as I should. I procrastinate often. I go from boy to boy like they were kleenex tissues use one once or twice and then discard. Oh and I watch porn sometimes and I feel guilty about that. I'm angry. I Read more...

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charlesmu, Male, 37, Other African countries, Beau-Bassin 4-6-2009

Herve.B confession on Thursday 4th June

Hi everyone.My name is Hervé.B.I live in Mauritius Island.I live with my family.I live with my father my mother a handicapped brother.I live in my parent's house but in the upstairs apartment.So the problem that I encountered last time on Tuesday 2nd June 2009 is that there was a family dinner at my place.In fact some relatives of the family were invited by my parents for dinner.On this occasion there was my uncle Herve.L May.L Hensley Suzy.F and her husband Read more...

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