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anom, Male, 32, United Kingdom, london 26-10-2007


most of the time i end up hating myself for what other people do to me. Read more...

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fetish007, Female, 37, India, delhi 26-10-2007

I hate my Mom

I simply hate her. I hate my mom. The one person who has brought me up. She has never been supportive of anything that I have done. Not just that everyday she makes me feel like I am the ugliest person alive. She thinks no guy will ever fall for me because I am ugly. In terms of my career my choices I've never had any support. I know this person has given me my life Read more...

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graham, Male, 40, United Kingdom, plymouth 24-10-2007


i love masterbation and can't help but keep doing it will tell you more later. Read more...

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canvasacademy, Female, 37, USA, New York 23-10-2007


why are people such assholes? i have a wonderful friend great personality funny and totally can handle anything. shes cute but shes a big girl i think theres someone for everyone. but people are so retarded so what if shes big? shes working on it and looks better than she did. i just wish some guys out there would just see how awesome she is. Read more...

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princesa, Female, 40, USA, New York 17-10-2007

I drink water directly from the bottle

And everybody gets pissed off! haha

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JamezP, Male, 35, United Kingdom, London 16-10-2007

Dainagirl24, Female, 24, USA, Waycross I LOVE YOU!

Dainagirl you are amazing every coment you make is so true you shag every1 and everything just like me!!!!!! I wish i could shag my mum and dad that would be so hot !!!! reading that guys confessions about his mom is a huge turn on! YOU ARE GREAT MWAH Read more...

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smokinjoe, Male, 65, USA, indianapolis 16-10-2007

big heist

i stole $35 000 today and it was so friggin easy! Read more...

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Sibby, Male, 33, USA, New York City 15-10-2007

Self-Inflicted Burn [Trigger]

I burn myself by taking something metal something like a key or whatever I have on hand at the time I heat it up with a lighter and then press it against my skin. It feels better than cutting and ironically enough even though it scars more prominently it's noticed less than cutting scars or at least it's usually not recognized for what it really is. Incidentally no one knows that my nick name Read more...

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