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HcSpinKick, Female, 32, USA, Hollywood 14-10-2007

My uncle

Hes been dead for almost a year and I still refuse to believe that hes gone. Read more...

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shadow135, Male, 52, United Kingdom, denbighshire 14-10-2007


im shagging a married women !

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elfhead1, Male, 42, Australia, melbourne 12-10-2007

the shame

i wish someone would love me . im nice i m fun i have alot to offer a guy. but i have a small dick do no one would love me and no one would want to be with me i like cut munchkin guys .. i can't watch anymore tv series Read more...

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arrchie, Male, 47, United Kingdom, marlow 12-10-2007


You know at holloween when you go to a door and it will say please dont trick or treat here because there are babys sleeping?? Well yeah i was so pissed at them that i ducked taped the door bell down so it really pissed of the owner of the house i couldnt stop laughing!! and tht baby cryed for liek an hour straight so i threw a rock a rthe window and i broke the owners arm lol Read more...

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kabuk1, Female, 42, USA, norman 12-10-2007

Hmmm.... Anorexia...?

It's starting to sound like a real solution. I'm not fat but damnit I just can't get rid of that little bit of tummy flab. I think I'll try anorexia. I used to starve myself back in high school & I looked great. Then I started smoking pot & gained 30 pounds. Damnit. Maybe I'll try bulimia. That way I can still have the pleasure of eating but with the same great results of anorexia. Wow I Read more...

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sexedup, Male, 36, United Kingdom, Wales 11-10-2007


I'm in love with my best mates girlfriend but i fantasize about her little sister. I'm 21 my mates girlfriend is 19 and I'm crazy about her her little sister is 16 and I can't stop fantasizing about her Wot do i do? Read more...

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PayBack, Female, 40, Canada, Montreal 4-10-2007

Don't get mad, creat a Myspace page

My ex dumped me for another chick and cut off all contact with me right after I took him out to a very expensive dinner. I was so angry that I created a fake MySpace page under his name and wrote all kinds of terrible things about him. Then I invited all his friends and co workers to his page lol. Read more...

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riseandshine, Male, 34, USA, richmond 4-10-2007


every few weeks i go into my mother's room and closet and steal from her hidden stash of money i feel terrible for i don't deserve to live...i can't bring myself to tell her i'm never doing it again but i'll be living with this guilt for the rest of my life Read more...

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