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RandomWords, Male, 37, USA, A 11-8-2007

What's so wrong with me?

I'm so ugly that I'm 22 and only have been with a girl. I didn't even kiss any other girl. The thing is I don't understand what repels girls so much. I admit I'm not very normal in terms of personality but I have tons of 'friends' and get along with everyone really well. I have a nice body. I'm kind of big. Not fat big. I actually don't know if I'm ugly or not but I don't Read more...

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phee, Female, 39, United Kingdom, london 30-7-2007


iv just dumped my boyfriend *mark. i didnt love him and only went out with him because i was down after being dumped by *tom. i cheated on him twice in the 2 months we were dating. the reason iv dumped him is because i like someone else; *phil who is going to dump his girlfriend for me today i still care for *tom iv been in contact with him and im sure i still love him. Read more...

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barryb, Male, 42, USA, Grand Rapids 25-7-2007


I wear women's panties everyday and have been for a few years. As a matter of fact I don't even own any men's undies anymore. I usually buy my panties over the internet because it is too embarrassing to go into the mall and buy them. Read more...

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SinAngel15, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Evesham 3-7-2007

I feel so unloved,so unappreciated.

People at my school are almost always nasty to me even when the teacher is present. But sometimes they can be really nice. I am sooo confused. They all know that my mom is dead and has been since I was a kid. Do they really like me and are only messing about when they tease me endlessly or is the like just sympathy. Read more...

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SinAngel15, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Evesham 3-7-2007

Work Experience

My confession is that I have lied to my teachers and friends about my placement that I haven't even got. I even lied to my dad. The thing is I had to try three times before I eventually gave up. The first people wasted 2 weeks before they said no. What a waste of my time! It's not that hard and doesn't take that long to say no. The second time I couldn't get a hold of Read more...

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WePayOurDebtSometime, Male, 48, USA, Carmel 6-6-2007

Never compare

I am so frustrated with the way I am being treated by you. I hate feeling not worthy of you I hate feeling like I am not good enough. ANd you know NOT. I can never live up to your expectations. You deserve someone better. You deserve someone that has more money saved and is more responsible. You think I like living like this? I dont I freaking HATE it. I just wish I could start over. Read more...

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ua4oe02cb, Female, 37, USA, Atlanta 5-6-2007


I don't think I could actually ever do it because of where I stand religiously. I am not sure if commiting suicide will cause you to spend eternity in hell. I don't think I want to take that chance. But... I hate my life. Don't get me wrong I have a lot of good things in my life.. I just hate myself. I am so messed up. I mess things up all the time. I'm never happy. I Read more...

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licious, Female, 36, South Africa, Durban 5-6-2007

lack of a back bone

i cud have told the truth but i didnt.i was in grade 4 my sister had given birth to a baby boy my friend lied about some girl in the community to my sister saying the girl saw my sister in the labour ward doing crazy things when in fact she was lying she made me agrre that we both heared her say those awfel sister got so made confranted the girl the girl cried saying she had Read more...

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