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serph, Male, 38, United Kingdom, london 29-5-2007

im screwed up

i spend most of my time lying cheating and manipulating pretty much anyone i meet just to get what i want and the fact is i am brilliant at it and its shameful but impossible to stop. i have various fantasies centered around at least 50 different women the list grows everyday and i dont even know most of their names . Oh and i steal what i want if i cant get it by lying or manipulating Read more...

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lostnaivite, Female, 35, USA, Concord 21-4-2007

my confession

i converted to christianity partly because i wanted to make an evangelical friend of mine happy. in fact i'm always more than willing to change who i am in order to gain the approval of others. and i hate that. i wish i could just be happy being myself even if not everyone likes that. Read more...

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cici, Female, 37, Canada, Campbell River 5-4-2007

Help me!!!!!

Three guys lets call 1 guy Terry the other Joe and the last Andy. Terry and I have been friends for almost a year we almost had a realationship at one point but my bestfriend liked him and so we stopped it at friends with benefits for almost 6 months now. Joe i had met somewhere inbetween that time. Joe is starting to like me and i kind of like him but i am not Read more...

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anon1, Female, 34, United Kingdom, London 3-4-2007

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? You chase me for months. Tell people just how much you like me. Buy me nice things. At first i heard you had a bit of a reputation due to the people you hang around with. But you were so desperate to change my view of you. You took me out to show me that you weren't who i thought you were. For the first time in ages i felt that some one actually Read more...

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feelsoashamed, Female, 36, United Kingdom, hampshire 2-4-2007

i have feelings for my boyfriends friend!

I am making this confession because i am hopig that once i have done this it will be off my chest and i will be able to move o and forget about it. I have been with my partner for around 3 years now we had a baby together about 3 months ago and i love hi very much he's caring and makes me feel safe. The thing is i split up with my ex about 3 and Read more...

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krazydaisy, Female, 38, USA, new rochelle 25-3-2007

I'm so edgy!

I just want to relax but honestly I'm like I should be doing something. I think sitting around doing nothing right now its a waste of time. There is something I could be doing. I just feel the need to be constantly busy and even when I'm doing something I want it to be done quickly so I can move on to something else. I get edgy sometimes but I'm becoming a lunatic right now. I did my Read more...

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hkhlkj, Male, 37, Canada, toronto 2-3-2007

im a whore

this is like the 3rd site i been ti to write this i feel terrible i wish the earth wouldopen up and swallow me. i have been seeing you fro a year cicco and i love you but i have been sleeping around with alot of guys i dotn know what to do i cant stop i feel like dying eveytime i do it . you say Read more...

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krazydaisy, Female, 38, USA, new rochelle 17-1-2007

I feel so alone and so disgusted with myself

I want to like myself but I feel like I should continue to hate myself. I don't think I'm worry of being loved or even liked by other people. I don't think there is anything good about me. Today I wanted to cut myself and show people my scars and say "see I am hurting." But I know I can't. I pretend to be ok around other people. I pretend there is nothing really bothering until I come to Read more...

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