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kiee, Female, 33, Other Asian countries, taipei 7-6-2006

worth it?

i really really like this guy. he's a year older than me but i really don't know what to do. i've never dated anyone or had a boyfriend and i hope i can finally feel what it's like to have one. since he's one year older than i am... i feels harder to get his attention. i'm afraid that if i screw up one litttle thing.. the whole thing will screw up. can someone give me suggestions on how to Read more...

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debo22, Male, 39, USA, Milwaukee 5-6-2006

The Love for Older Women

I'm 22 years old and i must say I love older women. I Perfer women over 35 for many reasons. But I have a hard time meeting women that age because of my age. When they here how old i am they are usually turned off. So i'm writing to see if anyone has any suggestions on how i could get some dates with the older women. Read more...

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kiee, Female, 33, Other Asian countries, taipei 31-5-2006


i feel so scared of having to use braces for my scoliosis. i know this can be fixedbut it will take two years. im really afraid of how people will react and what they'll think. i'm afriad that guys won't like me and think that im fat. i don't want sympathy for having scoliosis but i also want to be treated the same. does anyone else have scoliosis and can give me some tips? Read more...

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trav007, Male, 37, Australia, Sydney 23-5-2006

ok girls this ones for you

ok girls tell me someting why is it that the guys are the arseholes end up with the girl where the nice guy is always left out in the cold having to pick up the pieces but would make a better boyfried than the jerkoff that they date i have had his dilemma many a time and i am sick of picking up the pieces of broken girls when i know i would make a better boyfirend than any of Read more...

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kittikat, Female, 42, United Kingdom, London 23-5-2006

Messy Ex

My ex really messed me around....I mean big time. He was going to marry me and then he freaked out and ran. Why are men so hopeless at committment? But he didn't just run he came back numerous times and tormented me cause he knew how much I loved him. He started stalking me watching me went all the same places as me and acted like he wanted me back time and time again. All to say Read more...

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element, Female, 34, USA, san berindino 21-5-2006


I've hate emo for so long but lately i have realized that i have became emo. My friend's have told me this many of time and i didn't believe them. But now i see that what i hated is what i have become. Read more...

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sweetcarolina, Female, 36, United Kingdom, south 7-5-2006


i cant do this anymore. i just want everything to end. my friends are drifting away from me because one of them hurt me so i refuse to talk to her. three people i know have died in the last few weeks. one of them was an 18 yr old guy one of my best friends. he was killed in a car crash and i've only just realised that i love him after all this time when i'd been Read more...

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sumguyincanada, Male, 63, Canada, Brampton 4-5-2006

just got to put out there somewhere - just another broken heart

I haven't read many confessions so I don't even know if this will 'fit' at this site. So this is just another broken heart confession dumping somewhere confession is good for the soul isn't it? I'm still in love with my ex girlfriend and she never knew I had fallen in love with her anyway. I had known her for about a year before I asked her out. I met her through a mutual friend Read more...

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