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smile, Female, 33, USA, wilmer 3-4-2006

My boyfriend

I hate him but i kiss everyday like I like him. I can't stand when his on me . But I can't leave him cause i would feel empty inside. Read more...

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471bdd, Male, 58, Canada, London 3-4-2006

Hurt my wife

I do everyting to hurt my wife and relationship every time I open my mouth or try to cuddle. I am sorry for having an unclean mind and wondering hands. I am sorry that I can not just forget about and keep my wife happy. I am sorry that I am ruining my relationship. Read more...

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lostgirl16, Female, 32, USA, so cal 2-4-2006

Not Me Anymore

i was a happy young girl. who smiled a lot and laughed and all together was a great lifeful person. then things changed i changed some how. i was sad depressed and for no reason it seemed. then i started getting suicidal thoughts. my friends and family thought nothing of it. they thought it was hormonal. one day when everyone was gone at my house i od over dosed . i took about 29 tylenol PMS sleepin pills Read more...

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Lizzy3240, Female, 37, USA, Washington 31-3-2006


Over a year and a half ago I met a really amazing guy. He's has a good sense of humor he's good looking and talking to him is never boring cause he always has something interesting to say. We play soccer together on a co ed team and we've just started going out a little. The only probelem is that he's lyk six years older than me. My dad wants me to stop seeing him or even Read more...

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sweetiepie, Female, 33, Canada, Kingston 31-3-2006

I miss him lots

I pretend to hate my ex bf but really i still love him to death i still think about him alot and i still wanna date him ...Im still in love with him Read more...

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sweetiepie, Female, 33, Canada, Kingston 31-3-2006

I Hate them

I hate my family and friends...I hate them all i pretend i like them but reality is i hate their guts they piss me off everyday but i smile and pretend im fine but im miserable and i just hate them Read more...

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fancyface, Female, 32, Canada, Winnipeg 31-3-2006


i'm admiting that... i get jealous really easily and i hate when girls know i'm intrested in a guy but they try to make it seem like the guy likes them and wants to be with them... it drives me nuts... i also hate when people brag... it's a pet peeve and sometimes i want to slap people when the brag! Read more...

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fancyface, Female, 32, Canada, Winnipeg 31-3-2006

hiden secrets...

Well i guess i have a pretty good life you could say im an attractive girl i have lots of friends i do sports im good in schoo i'm very sociall... but i'm so unhappy... nothing goes my way boys break my heart family sucks... i dont get along with my mom and i tell her i hate her but i really don't .. i love her to bits shes Read more...

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