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mish_mash_rox, Female, 33, South Africa, Johannesburg 30-3-2006

My life

Hi I am currently 15 but I know I should be grateful because so many people love little old me in this world but some how my life feels empty. I am permantly depressed while my friends just tell me it's hormonal. But I know for a fact it isn't since I have been down in the dumps for a period of time that has felt like forever. I am always contemplating suicide an always thinking whether or not Read more...

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Jodz123, Female, 34, United Kingdom, scotland 29-3-2006


me nd my x boyfriend have split up many times and they have all been for no reason we always make up nd start going bk out lyk 2 weeks later or so but i cant do this anymore what can i do i am barely still friends with him but that friendship may be over soon and i dont want it to.has any one got any advise on what i should do plz help me!!!!!! Read more...

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lillie, Female, 34, Greece, cyprus 29-3-2006

i must be mad

I have seriously fallen head over heals for a guy i have never met. We told each other that we are in love a few days ago over the phone. I know this is rediculous but it does feel true and the right thing to do. You all must think im stupid Read more...

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sweetcarolina, Female, 36, United Kingdom, south 27-3-2006


i am a 16 year old girl nearly 17. i am going out with a 21 nrly 22 yr old. he thinks i'm 19. he thinks i go to uni. i have made up so much bout uni and flatmates etc. and i've met his parents and friends. he's never met mine. i told him my rents are protective so they cant no bout him. th thing is we've been together a month nd Read more...

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confess1, Male, 44, United Kingdom, london 24-3-2006

psychic powers

i have psychic powers and use them regally to help people i was just wondering what people make of this. Read more...

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lillie, Female, 34, Greece, cyprus 22-3-2006

what should i do?

I met this guy online we swapped phone numbers. And ever since we have spoken for hours. He makes me feel special and we like each other very much. We've only seen photos of each other. And now we want to meet up. He lives 8 hours away and is 6yrs older than me. If my parents knew about him they would spew. Im really confused and dont know whether to meet him or not. what do Read more...

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candyshop, Female, 39, United Kingdom, Portsmouth 16-3-2006

Like a virgin

So far i have slept with 12 men they all think that they are the first man who slept with me. When i sleep with them i make sure I'm on my period so that they think I'm a virgin so when it come to the crunch I turn the lights off so then when I bleed they think its my first time. Then afterwards they are begging me to get married with them but I Read more...

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M-Pen, Male, 49, United Kingdom, london 10-3-2006


My confession is I'm a secret crossdresser.. I'm addicted to it.. In some ways I cant understand this behaviour. Im not one of those guys he feel they have been born the wrong gender. I'm not really gay as such although when I'm dressed I have some rather um.. bi fantasies for fututre confession possibly . And tht it I regularly throw a way all female clothes I buy.. but then the need to go and Read more...

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