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beautifulxDisaster, Female, 37, USA, Thomasville 7-3-2006

Im in the beginning stage of addiction

Recentley since i Have been through a bad breakup. That im still yet to be over I have had family problems my moms on cocaine I feel so overwhelmed by everything and honestly I feel plain out alone. Im never happy. NEVER. and so iget high to get away from life. I just want to be normal be happy normally and I just cant seem to escape my problems through anything else. Drugs are Read more...

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coolguy, Male, 60, United Kingdom, Glasgow 7-3-2006

I love another women

My wife and I have been on the rocks for 4 years. We have a son whom we both love very much and have remained together. I know it's not a great reason to remain together but it's the way it is . I've been in touch by phone with an old girlfriend who lives 800 miles away who I love very much but she is married and will stay unhappily married until her two Read more...

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shelly, Female, 56, USA, NY 5-3-2006

Online Dating

Ok I met this amazing guy online. We talked on the phone and I felt myself really falling for him. There was just one problem I didn't know what he looked like. So of course I made sure not to commit before we met. We met today and I am not physically attracted to him. We had an argument about this before and he called me shallow for counting physical beauty. Ok let me just say I Read more...

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jimmy, Male, 52, USA, San Diego 5-3-2006

Bad habits die hard

I make a habit of urinating in sinks everywhere i go...sometimes even at my moms house and friends houses. Always at restaurants hotels offices my work etc.... Sometimes i just take a whizz right onto the floor than risk contamination. I think it's more sanitary than using a strange toilet. I fear than germs could travel up my stream or urine and infect me. Read more...

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