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Ryan21002, Male, 46, USA, St. Louis 1-6-2009

I cheated

I'm a married man. Have been married for five years. This past weekend I betrayed my wife by having sex with another woman. I went out of town for an event and met up with two women who were attending the same event. I knew one of them from six or seven years back but had not had any contact since. I proceeded to get drunk go back to their hotel room with them Read more...

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ben18, Male, 33, United Kingdom, manchester 31-5-2009


My confession is that i always have sex with people i shouldnt im gay and im completely at terms with that but i only ever have sex with people that should be offlimits one of my bestfriends at highschool had a boyfriend i lost my virginity too him while they where still together. This guy from college was heartbroken because his dad had left his mom and thought he might be gay for some Read more...

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prashantkorbu, Male, 46, India, Hyderabad 29-5-2009

Shouted on my son

While my son was playing with me. He hit me on the face. I have warned him many times not to hit on face. Out of rage I shouted on him when he mistakenly hit me on face. He was so frightened by my shouting that he started crying within. Oh GOD please forgive me for this horrendous act and give me strength to deal such situation with patients when I am with my son. Read more...

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Ashamed, Female, 33, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009


I used to get bullied because I'm Ginger. It was really bad I remember it was always from the boys. One time I was acctually slapped! Every time they bullied me they really hurt my feelings and made me feel like a outsider! I was a wuss my friends bossed me around and I let them. I hated myself. But that stopped when I started fighting back. I used to slap them or insult them and now looking back Read more...

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Ashamed, Female, 33, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009


I think I'm fat! Like an average girl I feel horrible at times and fat! I hate myself most times but some times I love me! I have had wierd thoughts before...I have been thinking that puking up your food after meals is okay! But then the next day I hate myself for thinking like that! Is anyone else the same? Please answer so i don't feel alone... Read more...

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Ashamed, Female, 33, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009


I have some times questioned my sexuality.

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sublime809, Female, 43, USA, Indianapolis 21-5-2009

married man

I have a thing for this guy at work I totally want him to fuck me and I can't stop thinking about it. I am sick I think I just want the attention maybe I don't know. I am married and so is he. I love my husband I really do. What is wrong with me?!! I also have a little girl and the last thing I want is for her Read more...

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Valian37, Female, 34, USA, Aurora 21-5-2009

Im thinking about cheating...

I've been in a relationship with a guy for almost a year and a half now but lately it's been losing its spark. We were really good friends before we started dating and i feel that if i break it off with him I'll lose my best friend. I felt trapped when i went into the relationship and I still feel trapped now. But now i've been talking to this guy I met in a MMORPG i Read more...

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