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jonnybags, Male, 62, United Kingdom, manchester 18-5-2009

grassing up a girlfriend at school

Ok this is terrible and I can't believe I'm admitting to this. I was at high school in the seventies the headmaster was this nasty piece of work who used to cane the hell out of the boys including myself on a few occasions. The girls got a fairly easy time of it mostly however the headmaster got fed up with the girls sneaking out at lunch times to go shopping in town and he gave us this Read more...

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catchme295, Male, 34, India, chennai 16-5-2009

my mother's cancer

hi frnds...pls read my confession and help me how to deal with myself and with others in this situation... my mother is suffering from colon cancer for the past two yrs...and i donno why i hav been acting very rude to not living at my home and is studying in a different im not Read more...

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xenomorph, Male, 41, United Kingdom, not saying 15-5-2009

Im not Normal

From an early age ive been as freak. I used to steal off my friends i was annoying and i was am selfish. I constantly tell lies. I live in a fantasy world i make up stories to get attention make up stories and tell lies to make me sound like a good person or and exciting person. The reality is im neither of those. Ive even sometimes made up lies and stories that help other people Read more...

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Yaboo, Male, 34, USA, Seattle 13-5-2009


A long while ago I found a wallet and I used the guy's ID to open a credit account and I bought a computer system and all the stuff that goes with it. I tossed the guy's wallet after I was done and I didn't even try to get it back to him. The computer was stolen not too long after I bought it which is Karma but I've always felt like s**t for doing Read more...

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cooldudeklj, Male, 32, United Kingdom, Keflivak 13-5-2009

Secret Lover

I feel really bad for what I've done. I'm not the luckiest of guys. I'm overweight spotty etc. Usually I have no luck with girls at all. But I was over the moon when I finally bedded my boss's wife. She's young attractive perfect. She told me she likes the bigger man she said there was more to love. But the only problem is she's now threatening to tell my boss about us unless I Read more...

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kank00, Female, 35, India, delhi 12-5-2009


hi friends i am a 20 year old girl and i have come to another city to study in college.i have very nice and friendly parents.i met a guy in college and we felt truly in love.we got married without telling anyone about it.even our parents don't know about this.i have told them that i live in the Read more...

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fadingspirit, Female, 38, Australia, head in hands 11-5-2009

i am nothing

i think i must be a bad mistake on this world everything i touch crumbles and i try to stop it but it just does it anyway...i have faith but its gone from me right now and i cant seem to get that back either. i have become entangled in my own lies and other are hurting because of this. i wish if there was some way to turn the clock back..but i cant. nobody can. i lied Read more...

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nagaraj, Male, 36, India, karnataka 11-5-2009

my lies

my parents have gone through a lot of problems to give me a very good education brought me up as a silent truthful boy.I was a very good also a rank student at school too.The very problem at that time was my mother couldnt take my failures for eg. i scored 57% in my 5th grade i was but i was warned by my mom to tell everyone that i scored 75% the best thing was i was made Read more...

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