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kuldeeptwr, Male, 39, India, raipur 11-5-2009

something wrong

one day i got a miss call on my cell i call back and got a girl on credle.i started to talk her and she took interested in my talk dont want to convey she was making flirt that was so simple..our conversation started we talked many day she told me she loves me..somehow i also attrected towards her i know all about her she is a married girl married in early age..and her husband wants to Read more...

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stilldoll, Female, 32, USA, Chicago 10-5-2009


Cry crybaby cry! Cry until you have no tears no breath. Cry until you have cried yourself to death. Relive past failures see all your shortcomings. Berate yourself hate yourself that’s right! Can’t stop can you? Didn’t think so. I see you in your downward spiral And I watch you go with joy. Oh to be rid of you and your useless tears. Your Read more...

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notsogood1111, Male, 36, India, blr 10-5-2009

cheating my girl

i donno how far 'm fit to live....'m suicidally in love...i met a girl in my school and liked her a lot. later after reaching college she moved out of town to pursue her graduation and i came to a town down south. by the time we were in 2nd yr i felt i missed her more than anything else...kinda felt a void in heart widout tried my hardest and finally after quite a lot of search i did Read more...

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sidnerem, Female, 36, Poland, Warsaw 9-5-2009

I just got NuvaRing

It's birth control that you don't ingest but I'm afraid the pill was all that was keeping me from making myself throw up all the time. Hopefully writing this will keep me from doing so tonight. We'll see. Read more...

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mkrish4, Male, 39, India, Hyderabad 9-5-2009

Hurted some one very badly

Once My friend did some great work and we were waiting for a call from my manager on that. I got a call from my higher official but I was in another call with my friend. Suddenly I got the call so I have attended the call and when he asked me about the updates reg that work I have explained him everything that I know. At the end I told my manager that this is Read more...

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thesebrowneyes, Female, 32, Canada, Oakville 8-5-2009

Not ready to go

I wrote a suicide note today. It made me realize there's a few more things I have to do before I go. Read more...

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phaeriejade, Female, 37, USA, Lincoln park 7-5-2009


So I've been going through a rough time. I'm living alone after my friend moved back home no boyfriend and I just found out I'm losing my job for a really stupid reason. Since then I've gotten depressed and lazy. I haven't been taking care of myself I've been sleeping around and skipping work taking shortcuts or fibbing on documents since I'm only going to be there for another month Read more...

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Joe, Male, 34, South Africa, Pretoria 5-5-2009

Lost Love

It's been five years and i can't get you off of my mind. I've "moved on" but whenever I'm with someone I just picture you. When you left I went to a bar and drank and I've been drinking heavily almost always alone since then. I'm scared that I'll die this way. In relationships with people I don't like. In jobs that I don't care about. With friends I no longer speak to honestly. Since the day Read more...

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