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2bfaithful, Female, 41, USA, jax 4-5-2009

unfaithful in my mind

So my husband is on deployment and I have this temp job. At my job is this guy who isn't sizzling hot but he makes me sizzle. And little did I know I make him sizzle too. We ended up telling eachother about out physical attraction. We hung out but never alone although we were able to steal away from the group for a couple of kisses. It got to the point that I Read more...

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Galateea, Female, 61, USA, Lynchburg 4-5-2009


I am so unhappy. I have tried meds moving loosing weight 90 lbs! working out in gym therapy drinking drugs sex having a child school plastic surgery etc etc etc. I'm starting to think that I died 3 years ago and I am in hell. What makes me even more sad is that if this is true then my family must be here too because they are here with me.But Read more...

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furrykitten, Female, 39, United Kingdom, tiptree 3-5-2009

dont like being midly popular all of a sudden?

I dont like being popular all of a sudden not in a real big way only small and i cant handle it? i have been so used to being unpopular and hated i cant handle it? its done somethink to my mind? is there somethink wrong with me? I dont like change? Thanks for reading. Read more...

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PorcupineLove, Female, 33, USA, New York 3-5-2009

Beautiful Note

My boyfriend and I were on a break for a while and then finally I called it off. That night he wrote me a letter telling me exactly how he felt and finally being clear about the communication. He left it for me in a beautiful notebook he'd had for a year or so but never used for fear of ruining it. It was one of the most touching things I ever read. Afterwards we Read more...

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FLORY, Female, 38, Romania, Bucuresti 2-5-2009

Life is pain

I dont have many words to say now because i am so tired mentaly but i will be back. I can say that life is just a pain. Very big pain. Life=pain. Less happyness and a lot of pain much pain. 20%happyness and 80%pain. Its not fair! Read more...

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stewey99, Male, 42, USA, ohio 2-5-2009

Hannah Montana

Hello my name is Stewey and i`m from Ohio. I did have a gross obbsession over Miley Cyrus and used to spam her photos all over chats sites until one day i seen a photo Miley standing next to a black guy. She has been a huge role model to me over the years and it makes me very disappointed to see her with a black guy. I really do Read more...

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putthepastbehind, Male, 33, USA, Dayton 1-5-2009

Cheating--I'm sorry!

I don't think I was sorry at the time but I definitely am now. I think I did it because I lacked confidence and because you were being controlling. I feel I needed to lash out against you. This is what happened. I would tell you but I truly think that it would only prevent you from achieving your goals. All that we have been through would be ruined if I told you. I want to tell you badly though. Read more...

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Cdog, Female, 33, USA, R-town 30-4-2009

Opinions please

Im a pot smoking pill popping liquor drinking psychedelic trippin drug dealer high school drop out DGAFer 19 yr old who doesn't think she has a problem. All of this happens on the regular None of it im ashamed of. Am i going to hell or what? Im at least a virgin.. My last bit of innocents. Read more...

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