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bloodDan, Male, 39, Colombia, Medellin 30-4-2009


I was on the job yesterday and I found many old computer keyboards that the company were not using at all and we are moving to another location. The keyboard I have for my computer at home was crappy and I have been looking for one for a long time and one of the old I found in my job was actually in pretty good condition just dirty. So I took it home with me without saying a Read more...

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jaime21j, Female, 41, USA, Dallas 25-4-2009


My brother and I are expecting a child in Oct. Weh ave been lovers for over thirteen years. We have been trying to get pregnant for a year. We live as husband and wife. None of our friends know that we are brother and sister. Read more...

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abn118jm, Male, 50, USA, new london 24-4-2009


I needed to seek revenge against a former business partner but I did not know how to do it. He stole a lot of money from a business we grew together. He had a drinking problem and he slept with my wife. I lost the business my wife and my best friend in one day! So a friend sent me to and I got my revenge without anyone knowing it came from me. If you Read more...

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lovemyfriend, Female, 34, Philippines, Caloocan 23-4-2009

Had been in love with my friend..

I am so confused. Anyone please help me with my current situation. This guy is my friend. His girlfriend is also my friend. My problem starts here. He called me to get into his house to talk some matters. His girlfriend was not with him that time. Then while talking we both drinking beers. I got drunk and stayed with him all night. I didn't expect that something might happen. I don't remember the exact things he Read more...

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charlie20, Female, 34, USA, detroit 22-4-2009


I stole from a neighborhood kmart and got caught they had me sign some papers and return the things and I feel terrible the sad thing is I could have paid for the items. I'd just cashed my check. Now I'm waiting to see what'll happen Read more...

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lucyball, Female, 34, USA, Washington 19-4-2009

Friends and Life

Sometimes I don't feel like I really have friends or even a life. It's the same routine nearly every day. I have friends but they aren't people I need. I want a group of friends who want me know me and do anything for me if I ever need them to. I know I need to look for other friends but who? I make plans with them but they never make plans with me. I Read more...

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L1009, Female, 38, United Kingdom, Berkshire 17-4-2009


He doesnt know I still love him. I miss him everyday even though i know i wont see him again. I push people away becasue i know that no one will ever compare to him. I'm afraid of things i cant controll most of all my feelings. even though he treated me like shit I miss him. Read more...

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OutofAfrica1, Female, 43, United Kingdom, London 16-4-2009

Is this adultry

I have been married for a few years and have two beautiful children. My husband is nasty to me sometimes and yesterday for example threw an object at me. The more and more this continues I keep thinking about past boyfriends and how life would have panned out if I had got together with so and so. I remember one guy from my school days he just had to touch my hand or talk to me and Read more...

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