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bumbley3, Female, 33, New Zealand, - 4-8-2009

I'll never tell

I'm a queer mostly straight bi girl and I love my best friend. I'm not sure if I love her or what but she's mega homophobic. She knows I'm queer but we can't even hug withut it being awkward. I love her so much. Read more...

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KY98989, Female, 32, Canada, Ottawa 30-7-2009


I had protected sex about 3 weeks ago well i don't know if you can really call it that because he couldn't fit in all the way. BUT he was still wearing a condom and I know it didnt break but before I was giving him hand and he came .. it got on my stomach weird i know and i dont remember if he touched any of it at all or not Read more...

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CantLetGo, Female, 44, Australia, Melbourne 26-6-2009

The only way it'll end....

I often wonder if the only way my marriage will end is if my husband dies. I don't want him to but i think i want out. I love him but i'm fairly sure i am no longer in love with him. For as long as i can remember since i was a child i've always thought i'd end up a single mother but don't know if this is a preminition or a memory?? Read more...

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StrandedNaked, Male, 46, USA, Fayetteville 24-6-2009

Naked in public

I like to go out naked in public I get a kick out of being naked in places normally people are not naked. I usually go without bringing clothes with me barefoot and naked the thrill of being far from my clothes is overwhelming. Maybe if public nudity was legal then this wouldn't be a problem. I have been a mile away from my house without a stitch of clothes on before. Read more...

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mikeylae, Male, 56, USA, eatonville 23-6-2009

i have a secret confession

To find a women who wold enjoy to see me in footed pajamas something about seeing cute hot women in them turns me on as many women wouldnt mind seeing a guy wear them? Read more...

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Bubbles0916, Female, 36, USA, Minneapolis 18-6-2009

I've Never Told Anyone

When I was a teenager I was living in a residential treatment center. Three days before I was supposed to be discharged I went on a pass and was raped. When I got back to the house I was a reck. I couldn't tell anyone what had happened but I completely fell apart. I couldn't tell anyone what had happened. They ended up transfering me somewhere else because I was such a mess. Read more...

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BadBadBoy, Male, 48, USA, Somewhere in Alabama 16-6-2009

Too much sex?

So over the past few weeks I've started having an affair with my ex wife. The sex is great better than it was when we were married. She comes by my place on the way to or from work and we spend the next hour or so screwing our brains out. I'm currently single but my recent ex girlfriend still calls me occasionally for a booty call. She is younger than the ex Read more...

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Laurensmithville, Female, 33, USA, Beverly Hills 16-6-2009


Dear god forgive me I used a ouija board and without myself knowing it opened a door that shouldn't be opened. I need your blessing god or a sign that everything is going to be ok. and please please please if a priest comes across this then please let them do their best for blessing me. kind of like an anonymous angel Read more...

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