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shouldbeD, Female, 44, USA, San Diego 15-6-2009

I'm crushed

my boyfriend and his wife had a baby today. Read more...

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sinfulkisses34, Female, 48, USA, Valley Stream 7-6-2009

My brother in-law

I am married with 4 kids and a great husband. For the past 3 years now my brother in law Mike has been flirting with me my sister Lisa is 32 and Mike 24. I didn't know why he was flirting with me lisa is hot skinny and sexy compared to me. I'm almost 180 pounds. I would let him massage my feet back legs and neck. After a Read more...

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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 7-6-2009

my secret from grandpa

my grandpa has ben a gambler all his life n it has gotten out of control at times this last tim he owed $4 300 the 2nd time hes ever got this deep the 1st time he had 2 sell off 1 of our tractors 4 the money but hes since he got disabld he didnt hav the money n i could c the worry on his face so i went jr which is who he owed n askd him Read more...

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retnaraj, Male, 32, Malaysia, kuala lumpur 3-6-2009

i hate my family

my family never tried to understand me.....they say and do the meanest things to me.....they lie behind my back they cheat behind my back...i just hate them for what they do...i mean most of dad and mum and few of my cousins are not the ones i hate.......but the rest really.....they dont know what is takes to be a family... Read more...

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Ashamed, Female, 33, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009


Before I was born my mum met a guy and fell in love with him. He was married. For a while she didn't know but then when she found out she still carried on with the relationship then I was born. I was happy as far as I can remember. Bt the age of two my mum had had enough and dumped him his wife and children didn't know I existed. But she told them. She hasn't Read more...

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jayra74, Male, 46, Canada, Toronto 12-5-2009


When I was 18 I got married; I didnt want to but I needed to stay in the country. We got married by law and catholic church; we got divorced two years later. Several years later I met a woman who I fell i love with she is very catholic. The minute I met her I knew I want it to marry her but the catholic faith doesnt not recognize divorce. I never told her I was married Read more...

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stilldoll, Female, 31, USA, Chicago 10-5-2009

no strings attached

I'm in a no strings attached relationship. I hate and loath it i'm not dating anyone so I'm basically not cheating on anyone and he is single as well. We are just a no strings attached relationship where just have sex to fullfill our lust...I suppose. It's basically sex without any actual love but see the problem is I think I might actually love him... I dont know what to do and I don't like now knowing what to Read more...

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jessica, Female, 45, Denmark, aalborg 9-5-2009

I didn't say No.

My friend since highschool has been away from home and I was talking with her husband on facebook 2 days ago. I had a feeling he might be hitting on me but then again it could've been just friendliness. He asked me to come over see their daughter and to just have a few drinks and spend the night. I've done that several times when my friend has been at home too. Well I went. This time Read more...

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