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Micky, Female, 44, Thailand, bkk 5-3-2009

my past..

I believe that every body has past.. for me its too bad that i massed up my past badly.. I come from a proper and rich asian family..i graduated from top 5 universities in my country..I had comfortable life and can have what ever i wanted..after i graduated i picked the wrong path to walk.instead of to get a fresh start i chose to walk to hell Read more...

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lonelyguy47, Male, 48, USA, napville 4-3-2009

secret crush

i have a sorta crush on someone i haven't seen in over 15 years but recently started talking to online fb . we are both married. both of our marriages are very rocky. its more likely than not she feels the same way. Read more...

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ian69phillips, Male, 52, USA, raleigh 24-2-2009

Femme Desires

I love dressing in tights and leotards. I have for years....It started with my sisters dance clothes when I was in 5th grade. I would love to be seen while dressed in these. I buy them and then feel guilty and throw them out. I do not know why I am like this... Read more...

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themanwhoknew, Male, 33, United Kingdom, London-ish 23-2-2009

Still a virgin at 19.

I'm still a virgin and my 20th is next month. Some see this as normal others see it as pathetic. Some even see it as a smart decision and others see it as unnatural. I don't know what to think. During school and college people forced peer pressure on you to have sex with as many people as humanly possible. But other people were telling me to avoid sex with anyone as if it were a Read more...

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Letters3numbers, Female, 32, USA, sicklerville 14-2-2009

Ok so Im obessing...

Well theres this guy I know quite well. Were pretty much best friends an he's gay. By the way Im a girl We have alot of fun together an we act more like a couple then friends. I totally understand he's gay an the things I would want us to do is never ever gonna happen. But I think about him alot an I care about him alot too it dosen't help eaither than I'm single an Im Read more...

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bethanyneer, Female, 34, USA, utica 13-2-2009

this life

1 I've been raped a couple times to be honest i kinda liked it. 2 I cheated on my husband and kissed another man..twice 3 sometimes i think about other men when i masterbate 4 I want my husband to be a better dad 5 my mother is annoying Read more...

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likeAstar, Female, 36, Canada, toronto 31-1-2009

telling my mother

about 2 months ago my mother moved in with me because she got sick ..i never thought i would never want her to leave..she saved me..on boxing day 08 i had a friend come over and we kinda liked eachother so we were just kissing and whatever but he took it too far and raped me.when he was almost finished my mom called out my name because she needed something..i didnt want to scream cause my mom couldnt of done Read more...

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sunnygijoe, Male, 38, Thailand, bangkok 30-1-2009

sex with maid

a year ago i had sex with my maid which she enjoyed as well after havin it couples of time i back off thinkin tht it wasn t right everything went on normal for few months and now she is six months pregnant since i belong to a consevative family i cannot say truth to my family the maid has opted to be quite and not to balme anybody but somhow rumours spread that she was having Read more...

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