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thesoundoffury13, Male, 35, USA, Grove City 14-1-2009


First off you have to understand that I am a straight male and I'm 21 years of age but I have something that's been making me ask myself questions and I really want to know what others think about this. Since about three years ago I have been wearing pantyhose under my pants. Whether it's to work to school to the movies everywhere I go it's in pantyhose. I Read more...

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kfsteve391, Male, 75, USA, mesa 14-1-2009

womens panties

I have worn womens panties for one year. I started with a rather conservative white thong. After wearing it a few times I became attracted to the more sexy styles. Now I am into lace ruffles bows and tie sides in feminine colors such as pink lilac light yellow etc. I have thongs g strings and bikinis.I really like see through fabrics too. I have at least 60 pair and can not Read more...

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KittyKitty, Female, 32, USA, columbus 13-1-2009

My Two Guys

Okay so i have a boyfriend that i know i want to spend the rest of my life with. But the problems is he lives an hour away so i dont get to see him as much as i want to but i have this feeling i have to have someone holding on to me and waiting me at all points of there life. So that brings us to kevin he is the guy that is around right now Read more...

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wetnwild69, Female, 33, USA, Hartland 11-1-2009

I get hot from...

Well my sister lives at home and she is a few years older than me but when her boyfriend is here they have sex... and she's obviously loud because I can hear her in my room but every single time i hear it i want to listen to it and i get really turned on and wet from it..... is this weird? Read more...

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daydreamer, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 31-12-2008

sex toys

ok so a few friends know that i'm havin sex but i really dont tlak about toys or anythin like that only my bf knows ima lil freak that loves sex toys n whips chains n all that good stuff Read more...

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daydreamer, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 31-12-2008

girls ..

i have never had sex with a girl or really kiss one but they do turn me on Read more...

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daydreamer, Female, 34, Canada, Toronto 31-12-2008


i like to be bitten it turns me on mainly on the neck but i do let it near my hip area too :P Read more...

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dionne9699, Female, 35, United Kingdom, brimingham 29-12-2008


im very angry and mad at myself as iv done real good not eating a few weeks and i just make a slice o toast to make it look like i ate today and i spat most of it out but swollowed about a tea spoon of toast now iv got to ad another 2 weeks to my starvation as punishment and have to withdraw milk from my cups of tea which is one of the only things i will Read more...

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