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TiaTia, Female, 38, Australia, Sydney 29-12-2008

Going nowhere

My secret is that I think I'm a failure. I don't fit in anywhere. I feel like the black sheep in every situation. My life is going nowhere. I keep distancing myself from everybody because I'm slipping into a black hole. I don't even want to be with myself anymore. Read more...

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john3333, Male, 36, India, bombsy 20-12-2008


I used to make out with my girlfriend all though we never had sex there was a lot of touching and oral sex involved now i feared that she is pregnant but she got her chums but i fear she still might be pregnant. Read more...

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heartache, Female, 46, Canada, sudbury 19-12-2008

I;am so happy that he is dead

The man who beat me raped me for 10 years as a child. he threatened me from jail. i had to move alot. i was in protective custody for a while. I just found out he is DEAD. Thank god i have my life back. I am not lead by fear anymore. I want to back a cake and have a big party. but i cant some members of my family still love him. i have to hide my happiness. Read more...

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anil, Male, 42, India, hyderabad 15-12-2008


I am in love with a married women we were in same class from child hood. Is it good to tell her about my feelings. Read more...

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justme537, Male, 32, USA, Punta Gorda 10-12-2008

I want to be more than a friend with my best guy friend

I'm gay and my best friend is a straight guy. I recently spent the night over at his house. While he was sleeping I got the intense urge to touch him not inappropriately though. Like I just wanted to lay next to him and lay my head on hisi chest. I think it'd be nice if I could just to be in contact with him. Read more...

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justme537, Male, 32, USA, Punta Gorda 10-12-2008

Im gay... but I have a big crush on a really close girl friend of mine

I identify myself as gay and I hold true to that. I would rather date and be sexually active with a man than a woman. But as of recently I began feeling this intense emotional attraction to a really close friend and she just so happens to be a girl... I really want to know what it would be like to date her. And I can seriously see myself dating her holding her hand Read more...

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MagicMoonWolf, Male, 72, United Kingdom, manchester 5-12-2008

wolf toy, my dad thinks I'M babyish or loony

my dad thinks that you should grow out of toys at the age of something ridiculous like 10 and whenever I tell him what i want for brithdays and chrismases he responds with "aren t you too old for that now". does it really matter? I like what I like I'm not just going to ask for something that is grown up if I don't want it. my dad scolds everything I like people animals my Read more...

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MagicMoonWolf, Male, 72, United Kingdom, manchester 5-12-2008


Dear Diary lol... I go out howling everynight coz I am a wolf furry I do it with my copying parrot toys so it sounds like a whole wolf pack and no one is to know it is me who is howling coz the neighbors might complain and my mum wiull be annoyed and bann me from going outside I bet. I am surrounded by I wall so no one can see in unless they acticly climb Read more...

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